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Emergency Financial Infrastructure 

Tony van der Mount
Co-Founder and COO

Tiffany Hayden
Co-Founder and CEO

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       Refugee Statistics

  • 60M people displaced around the world because of conflict and persecution. It's the largest number ever recorded by the United Nations.
  • 50% of Syria's population has been displaced.
  • Half of all refugees are children.
  • Every day last year, ~42,500 people became refugees.
  • Of those who crossed borders, 9 out of 10 people ended up in an economically less developed region.

About Us

Enable is a for-profit, start-up venture positioning to be the first provider of emergency financial infrastructure. At present, there are few existing mechanisms through which to deploy financial aid during sudden on-set disasters, or to assist with protracted crises. Moreover, when a diverse range of actors – states, nongovernmental organizations (“NGOs”), and disjointed individual efforts – approach a crisis from different angles, relief efforts often wind up slow, fragmented, and prone to losses from corruption and mismanagement. A common platform that delivers uniform, timely and transparent financial access can quickly and efficiently connect crisis-affected people, communities, and bring the otherwise disjointed attempts to deliver aid into a common, auditable system.

By implementing a national, open loop system, integration into broader social protection and safety net systems can easily be achieved. Governments are the largest generator of payments. Global government payment flows were estimated at over US$40 Trillion in 2009. A shift to digital payments would likely provide entry into the broader banking system and capital markets for the hundreds of millions of the world’s unbanked populations. Financial inclusion is critical to reducing poverty, increasing mobility, and building capital.